Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract (100% Fresh Leaf)Olive Leafs

Sumich has recently constructed a state of the art processing facility to manufacture Olive Leaf Extract solution from fresh olive leaves.

The facility is located in close proximity to Sumich’s own olive groves which allows fresh olive leaves to be picked and processed within hours. This results in a fresh, natural Olive Leaf Extract product which retains all the valuable antioxidant properties from the olive leaf polyphenols.

Oleuropein is the main active polyphenol ingredient found in olive leaves and in Sumich’s Olive Leaf Extract.

Studies have shown oleuropein to have antioxidant properties which, in terms of effectiveness, are twice as powerful as green tea and five times as powerful as Vitamin C. The olive trees used by Sumich have the highest inherent levels of oleuropein. The final product which comes in a liquid form is natural and contains no added alcohol, sugar, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or sweeteners. The liquid product has an added advantage over other powdered extracts as it has a higher efficacy level.

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Health BenefitsOlive Trees

Olive Leaf Extract is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to:

  • Maintain immune system health
  • Relieve symptoms of common colds and flu
  • Relieve mild fever

Sumich Olive Leaf Extract may also be used to:

  • Relieve symptoms of sore throat
  • Maintain general health and wellbeing
  • Maintain cardiovascular system health
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Reduce free radicals formed in the body

Sumich Olive Leaf Extract does not contain any added alcohol, sugar, yeast, gluten, sodium, dairy products, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners and is GM free.


For wholesale customers only:

  • 200ml PET bottle
  • 500ml PET bottle
  • 20lt drums
  • 1000lt IBC

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