Carrot Juice Concentrate

Australian Carrot Juice Concentrate

Sumich has now expanded its carrot operation to include a brand new state of art Carrot Juice Concentrate processing facility.

All carrots used to produce Sumich’s premium Carrot Juice Concentrate are grown on Sumich’s farms. This ensures that the carrots used to make the Carrot Juice Concentrate are processed within hours of being harvested resulting in the freshest product possible. It is not surprising that the organoleptic quality of Sumich’s Carrot Juice Concentrate is unsurpassed by any other.

With year round carrot production Sumich is able to fulfill long term supply contracts or one off orders.

The new processing facility has been designed with strict adherence to Australian hygiene standards. The whole farm and processing operations have full traceability from paddock to glass.

Carrot Juice Concentrate is available in 225kg recyclable conical steel drums at either 42 Brix, 50 Brix or 65 Brix.

Advantages of using Sumich Carrot Juice Concentrate are:

  • Freshness of the carrots used to make the CJC
  • Full traceability
  • Sumich has been exporting fresh produce for over 60 years
  • GMP & HACCP certified
  • Able to produce CJC all year round
  • Sumich is not reliant on outside growers
  • Sumich has full control over the whole process.