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Welcome to Sumich

Quality, fresh produce and olive oil

For over 70 years the "Sumich" name has been synonymous with supplying quality, Australian fresh produce and now extra virgin olive oil to both the domestic and export market.

Sourced fresh from farms across Western Australia & Tasmania

Sumich owns substantial parcels of land in Western Australia, located in various strategic geographical areas, growing a wide range of vegetable produce. Sumich has properties two hours north of Perth producing carrots and olives and also properties in the South West growing celery, cabbage and other products.

Committed to customer service

With the focus being on freshness, quality and value, locally grown products such as carrots, celery, potatoes and extra virgin olive oil reach our customers in peak condition. Sumich takes pride in customer service and satisfaction. Our customers can be assured of a professional and lasting relationship in sourcing a variety of Australia's best produce.

Sumich supplies vegetables and olive oil that are fresh, healthy and fun to eat. Explore our website to learn more about Sumich fresh produce and Sumich Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We welcome enquiries from wholesalers and customers – simply contact us here.